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Plot summary

An ancient pestilence called The Scourge has been set free in a small town after being entombed in a church's masonry for a century and a half. As bodies rapidly pile up, nothing stands between the spawning Scourge and the rest of the town except our young heroes Scott and Jessie who rediscover their love for each other in the process

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder 7 / 10

Decent and enjoyable enough

As bodies start piling up, a couple realize their small town is under attack by a strange parasitic organism that feeds on it's host and then savagely kills them, forcing them to find a way of stopping the menace.

This was a pretty decent overall effort that doesn't really have all that many flaws about it. Among the better aspects here is the rather nice nature of the body-swapping parasite that attacks here which manages to keep this one with an air of mystery about it as to who is the next host of the dangerous creature, and the mythology surrounding that is rather nicely accomplished here. That also leaves the attacks to be developed quite well with the film resorting to simply miscommunication and obscure behavior at the beginning to really letting loose and showing off the deformed bodies as the parasite's activities get more pronounced and aggressive resulting in stellar action scenes as well. There's the fine jail-house ambush that results in the police chase through the streets upon the escape, a wonderful stalking scene in the bowels of a hockey arena following a great confrontation in the locker room and the finale in the motel room is really enjoyable with the change from the supposed seduction offering plenty of creature fun with the escaped creature switching around bodies trying to escape while the few known containment tactics are put to great use. Still, there's a few small flaws here starting with the silly need for the film to go so far into their back-story history that it tends to really grind the film to a halt since the initial outbreak and possession by the creature is done in the film's opening scene which is setting this up for a thrilling pace only for the love-struck romance to get featured and pull that down. As well, the decision for each of them to be in romances that are thrown away simply to bring them back together doesn't make much sense beyond adding to the body count and there's so much missed opportunities to be had from the fact that they stumble upon the creatures solely because their possessed activities are mistaken for cheating on them and then get swept away from there. As well, there's the film's incredibly lame and really unbelievable CGI present which doesn't make much sense at all and really does tend to expose the cheapness and limitations of the story by not really featuring all that many impressive attributes to the story whenever they're featured for its' not just for the creature and the gory aftermath of it's attacks but also for some really explosive action scenes which really highlights those issues. Otherwise, this one wasn't all that bad.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language and male Nudity.

Reviewed by Rabh17 7 / 10

A Not Bad 'B' monster movie

The concept isn't new-- A small town, an unknown monster, a Girl who is almost ALWAYS related to the Town's Police Chief, a Bad Boy from the wrong side of the tracks with a soft spot for said Girl, a Police Chief with an Axe to grind with said Bad Boy.

Creature gets loose. People die. Who What Where Why? and the movie is off!

The special effects are minimal, but decent. The acting is. . .'Okay', because the plot is basic formula. Thus, the plot is predictable.

But then, this is the goal of this movie. There's actually a little horror humor in there, so it actually lite viewing. There's some 'Ick', but the splatter quotient isn't over the top, so kids can watch it (Though very young ones might be frightened. . .if they don't play Teen Video games)

It isn't Great, but they don't really flub it.

Think of this as the basic teen monster flick that you would catch on Saturday night at 2AM on the USA Network or TBS channel (Do they still have those?)

As much as people deride 'B' monsters movies, they do fill a niche. Sometimes, You just want something light, a little gory and not too disturbing while you just pass time with your nachos on the couch before you knock off for the night. And a chuckle or two in the mix caps it off nicely. Plus, unknown actors have to start SOMEWHERE!

And Guyz, this movie is Girlfriend Friendly. You can pay attention with half an ear while she chats and discusses with you in the other. If you break away to get a beer or seriously focus on what she's saying for a coupla minutes, no problemo. This multitask set is easy.

That's what Scourge is. Not Bad. Give it a try to fill the time.

Reviewed by ctomvelu-1 3 / 10

Back to back, belly to belly

IMDb's synopsis for SCOURGE reads far better than the movie itself. An ancient evil is accidentally released in our time and jumps from body to body as it goes about doing something or other. I was never sure what. A young man is suspected of a string of murders, which actually is the thing jumping from body to body (through the belly button, I might add) and leaving each former victim dead dead dead. The creature is a close copy of the alien creature from THE HIDDEN, which also leaps from body to body as it goes about its business, which involves eating a lot, driving a very fast car, trying out sex for the first time, and running for president. At least that creature had a purpose. This one doesn't seem to know what it wants. The creature effects are not bad, but the acting is from hunger and there's little plot. I watched this on DVD one day and SPLINTER, about a parasite that attacks and absorbs people's bodies, on TV the next day. Watch SPLINTER instead. Or THE HIDDEN, which I first saw in the movies and consider a semi-classic, even if it is a knockoff of ALIEN and THE TERMINATOR.

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