2017 [KOREAN]

Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.7/10 10 1586 1.6K

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Plot summary

Jang Tae-Young is a popular trouble shooter in the criminal world. He is cold and ambitious. He dreams of building a casino hotel one day. A reporter then goes to Jang Tae-Young.

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Top cast

Seo-joon Park as Park Seo-joon
Soo-hyun Kim as Jang Tae-young
Ji-eun Lee as Awards ceremony guide
Woo-jin Jo as Sa Do-jin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by byzantineiconoclast 9 / 10

Cinema on a whole new level

This is one of the (rare) occasions in which I don't agree with IMDb ratings. This movie should have been rated much-much higher. This is why I decided to write a review about it- not a common thing for me. It's one of these movies that you either love or hate, but I think that everyone who has seen it, must agree that aesthetically it reaches perfection. Ultra high tech, sleek, perfectly shot, kind of futuristic environments, with each scene being so beautifully framed, it's almost surreal. At certain points I just wished I could jump right into the screen and into the movie, because what I saw, was where I would like to spend the rest of my life! The story is not confusing, if you pay attention to it, which I admit, is a hard thing to do, when your attention is always drawn to the gorgeous imagery. I think most people who didn't like the film, blame the lack of significant action, but I do not consider this to be an action film per se..It is a cerebral film, a riddle within a riddle, a dive into the subconscious. Soo-hyun Kim delivers an amazing performance, I cannot praise him enough. The rest of the cast do their roles justice as well, Sung-min Lee in particular, is especially sinister. All in all, the Koreans never seize to amaze me, they have raised the bar of film making so high, I doubt that any other country will surpass them in the near future. I've been watching Korean movies for years, and these guys shine brightly, while the others fade into oblivion... Hollywood? Please...Hollywood has been dead and buried for years now. All Hollywood does these days, is recycle the same scenarios, wrapped with the current (politically correct) trends each time, or make action hero movies for adolescents. They have stopped creating Art sometime in the '80s... If you are looking for a mystery film wrapped in futuristic led light, with amazing performances, then this is the film for you. If, on the other hand, what you seek is non stop action, then you might want to challenge yourself with this movie- it's worth the watch. Just keep an open mind (and eyes) and experience it...

Reviewed by Rifat_Sharna 6 / 10

Real (2017)- Not bad as it was publicized plus Kim Soo-Hyun put good acting show

As I've watched this movie, I've got to realize that it's not that bad as it was publicized (like the worst Korean movie-no,it's definitely not that!). Yeah- many indecipherable scenes -even with much nudity are placed here and there and therefore the plot was also felt hella confusing at times! It would be much better if all those scenes were syncronized well & reasons behind every single motion got revealed like a full moon in the sky at last- then it might touch hearts of general audience and might be recognized as an epic movie too! Rather- it focused on good CGI effects,also some erotica- besides- action scenes were well-choreographed and at some point were artistic too. And acting was also good - specially from all-in-all leading hero- "Jang Tae-young" I mean,actor Kim Soo Hyun.Actually I watched this movie as a former fan of his alien character "Do Min Joon" from "My Love from the Star" drama. And like other fans and well-wishers, I was kinda so disappointed reading all those news- he starred in an erotic movie, even invested in it- and ultimately this movie was criticized badly & doomed in the box office, so didn't he leave so bad impression before enlisting to army? (hiatus of 2 years!) But at last -when I got to watch this full-length movie, I can't be neither disappointed nor angry- because it was too obvious that Kim Soo Hyun put extreme effort to portray his duel role- overall his acting was just praise-worthy! His acting wasn't so praised in media-just because general audience didn't get the plot at all and so it was super-flop! Yeah-it's seemed incomprehensible- but if you pay some attention, you can connect duel personality of his character and feel the effect of 'Siesta' on him (that may cause temporary memory-loss and hallucination!) Yet, many relationships & events evolved around him remained unclear till the end- it seemed that-director &writer weren't interested to disclose these things clearly or failed to figure out how to do that! So Kim Soo-Hyun-if not egoistic - must have realized by now that although he put so good acting show & broke his good-boy image- people wouldn't watch it twice or thrice just to get the plot (as he expected and mentioned in an interview!) Also people wouldn't fall for all those 'sex-doll'-like pathetic female bodies merely- even the heroine didn't seem to have any life or self-esteem at all! Whatever-beside all these things- as an experimental noir plus for its artistic value, I think- it deserves a 6/10 rating- and cheers for actor Kim Soo-hyun!

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks 2 / 10

Not Good Enough

So, why two out of ten stars for this movie? Because the performances were really good so I had to give them that.

However, the story was ... hmm ... complicated. It didn't make sense most of the time and when it finally did, it just wasn't worth the two hours plus that were wasted watching it. Some of the mature scenes were, I guess, there to make it more edgy, but, for real, there were just unnecessary. The action scenes were okay and the visuals really nice, but they seemed to focus more on them than the story, which was just thinly spread through this lengthy film.

So, overall, two out of ten.

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