Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl



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Plot summary

This documenary reveals the story behind the now-defunct "Park Avenue Peerage" blog. In the height of heiress-era NYC, an anonymous blogger infiltrated Manhattan's elite, bringing socialite celebrity to new heights, according to the doc’s logline. When the website's creator was unmasked, the mastermind was not who anybody expected.

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Paris Hilton as unknown episodes
Nicole Richie as unknown episodes
Daniielle Alexis as Tinsley Mortimer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SinemaSarah 1 / 10

Not what the trailer was about at all...

After watching the trailer, I was excited to see a doc about the Y2K socialite era, how they climbed to the top, some scandal and where they are now... Well...the first like 15-20 focused on that a little...mostly on one specific socialite. Then like the flip of a switch, the documentary shifted to a completely different story...about some forgettable gossip/socialite fan girl site, and the "writer" behind it. You could tell by the way they introduced talking about the site, the people who created the documentary were a little biased. The whole story that wasn't addressed in the trailer at all about the writer moving to the big city, getting an great job, only to squander their money and good luck on obsessing over a drug dealer they fell for, while obsessing over New York socialites, and the world they'd never be in...The pathetic "off camera" scene with the director comforting the writer, while she broke down, was ridiculous. The writer themselves droned on and on in an awful monotone slow whisper, it was super cringey. The only where are they now I got was the sad writer...they're now a trans sex worker...literally the worst documentary I've ever seen. They should at least change the trailer, and show what this doc is ACTUALLY about...

Reviewed by paul-allaer 6 / 10

Two-films-into-one make for a strange viewing experience

As "Queenmaker" (2023 release; 93 min) opens, we get an It Girl 101 mini-history lesson, which inevitably leads up to Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Along the way, we learn that publicists have a great deal of power, as well as the inevitable blods that start popping up,,, At this point we are 10 minutes into the documentary.

Couple of comments: first, please do not confuse this with the South Korean TV series of the same name that appeared on Netflix not long ago. Second, this US documentary is directed by multimedia artist Zackary Drucker. Third, and this is the most important comment: this documentary is really two-films-into-one: the first one last a good one-third of the documentary, and gives a straight up overview of the New York It Girl universe and all that it entails; the second one runs the remainder of the film and examines who the creator was behind the influential NY It Girl blog called Park Avenue Peerage. The New York Times then drops the bomb when it identifies the person behind the blog. I won't say another word. Just watch. How these two separate movies are stuck into one is a bit of a headscratcher to be honest. I literally was about to abandon the film altogether as I was not interested in the It Girl scene. Turns out the movie is about some else altogether. Which brings me to my last, but not least, comments: the title of the documentary, as shown in the film's opening credits, is "Queenmaker", nothing more, nothing less. It's not "Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl", as noted here on IMDb and many other sites. This is really annoying. Like we need to be explained what the movie title REALLY means. We are not dumb. We can figure it out. (This also happened with the recent Michael J Fox documentary, which is titled per the movie's opening and closing credits "STILL", but for whatever reason, the movie is now known everywhere as "Still: A Michael J Fox Movie". Stop it already, and show some respect for the moviemakers decision on the actual movie title.)

"Queenmaker" started airing on Hulu recently. I had read a positive review of it in the New York Times last week, and that was enough for me to want to check it out. If you are in the mood for a documentary that takes an unexpected turn left, and then keeps going even more off road, I'd suggest you check it out and draw your own conclusion.

Reviewed by PaulsLaugh 6 / 10

I honestly don't know who most of these people are

And I'm not an unworldly person, but other than the unavoidable Paris Hilton, I never paid much attention to that social scene. Never heard of Tinsley Morgan or James Kurisunkal, now known Morgan Olivia Rose.

Going to six parties a night? I never knew the fake fame business could be so rigorous. If these folks are raising money for charity, they are spending a lot time and money on themselves doing it.

As for this documentary, since I wasn't too familiar with it, I found enlightening the amount money and time poured in cheap banal vapidness. At least Capote did the Black and White Ball. However, this film never focuses. The filmmaker doesn't want to critique or alienate that world too much and it takes a while before we realize the sultry narrator is a transwoman who made her way into that world as a bright, young college kid from Illinois. And it's a transform shocker. Kudos to Morgan. She at least looks like the women she once glowingly wrote about.

Morgan née James, is the best part of film, but her literate narration and insight is not enough to offset Tinsley Morgan's self absorption. The old Southern deb claims she wants to be real housewife, not a "Real Housewife." I don't believe her. The film narrative itself is all over the place and glosses over the history of the earlier socialite world mixing with plebs. I'm thinking of Edie Sedgwick.

Even so, it is still fascinating look at something I've tried hard to ignore to my own ignorance. This time period takes place just before the big internet 15-minutes fame hit, when anyone has a shot at becoming a pseudo-celebrity and influencer. This presentation of a fab public image is the the cultural norm. It's all flash and what is substance. Morgan thinks she should be an internet influencer, but I daresay this was filmed before the Bud Light "Crisis."

I hope things turnaround for Morgan Rose, just judging by her prose narration, she's a good writer. If Hulu or someone else hasn't signed a book deal with her, they should.

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