Pokémon: Zoroark: Master of Illusions


Action / Animation / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 6.1/10 10 2244 2.2K

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Plot summary

Ash and his friends must stop a greedy media mogul from using the shape-shifting Zoroark to capture the time-travelling Celebi.

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Sean Schemmel as Grings Kodai
Brian O'Halloran as Stadium Announcer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ericstevenson 8 / 10

Gotta remember em all!

I really think this is one of the better "Pokémon" movies, but being a huge fan, it's hard not to consider them guilty pleasures. I looked up and discovered that this had more pokemon than any other movie ever made! I actually was pretty blown away by the sheer number of random pokemon that appear in this. It did give off the feeling of an epic movie. Even the length was impressive. Okay, it's really nothing that new for the pokemon mythos, but for a fan, it's quite nice. The best part is probably the villain, Grings Kodai. I honestly don't think any pokemon movie has had a more evil villain than this guy.

What I love is how hands on he is. He outright has devices that directly attack the pokemon. He's even attacking Zorua, who's practically a baby! I actually liked the allusions to "Pokémon 4Ever" and this truly was a better version of that film. Zorua is very funny, especially with his transformations and how playful he is. I feel so bad for forgetting a lot of these pokemon! Well, at least I'm keeping up with my reviews of the series. I DO intend to review the episodes eventually. It's just great to see all these creative designs. ***

Reviewed by carologletree 5 / 10

Pedestrian, Dull, and By-The-Numbers

I really didn't like this one that much. It is one of the worst Pokémon movies. The main thing about this one is that everything about it is tired and nothing fresh or new.

The story of this one is nothing too notable. It's yet another example of a bad guy wanting to capture some Pokémon for his own selfish reasons.

Grings Kodai is another lame villain. The idea of the villain being a media mogul isn't too bad, but his character was boring and, like Zero from "Sky Warrior", was essentially a rehash of past villains. Not many Pokémon movies excel at villains, and this one is one of the worst.

Zorua isn't the most annoying Pokémon ever, but he certainly had his moments. This is yet another example of the "Ash and the gang meet a cute Pokemon and go on an adventure with it" cliché and there isn't much to separate it from most of the others.

The pace of this film is kind of slow and it has some of the most cringe-worthy moments in the series, which says something! The script has some inconsistencies as well.

I will admit, though, that the film did pick up a little bit in the final 10-15 minutes. The ending of this movie was pretty great. It was touching for Zorua to be reunited with his mother, Zoroark.

This is by no means a bad Pokémon film, just a rather dull and tired one. Despite featuring several cool legendary Pokémon, this in my opinion is the least memorable of all 18 Pokémon movies along with "Jirachi Wish Maker." Recommended to Pokémon fans, but don't expect much.


Reviewed by breakdownthatfilm-blogspot-com 6 / 10

Status quo entry in the series, no harm no foul

Pokémon's Diamond and Pearl generation may have started off uneven with fans but performed okay and has garnered a deserved following. The films revolving around the series though were just as spotty in their quality of storytelling. At least the last film for this particular generation sort of put itself back in place. Unlike the last three which added on legendary behemoths in each additional sequel, this film took the one off approach. This is actually good because the trilogy of films revolving around Palkia and Dialga were not that interesting to begin with. That's not to say this movie is miles better, because it does have issues. In short it's another standard film that fans would enjoy but nothing not seen before. Thankfully it ends the 4th generation of Pokémon decently enough.

Directed and written by the duo everyone should be expecting by now, Mr. Yuyama and Sonoda made a slightly better entry this time. Ash and company continue moseying onto their next destination when they encounter a new Pokémon by the name of Zorua (Eileen Stevens). As it turns out, the main cast learn of an evil business man who has the power to see into the future named Grings Kodai (Sean Schemmel). It's this power that he uses in order to make gains solely for himself by secretly using Zorua's protector Zoroark to deceive the public. Ash and company also meet Karl (Wayne Grayson), a journalist looking to uncover Kodai's secrets as well. Again, at least the story is different and explanations are given for certain characters' motivations. Then again, it also doesn't in some places.

One good example of this is the purpose of Zorua being telepathic? This feels all too much like Pokémon Giratina and the Sky Warrior (2008). When looking at the film, even if Zorua couldn't communicate in English, the story would've went along just fine. Also the concept of Zorua and Zoroark being a shape shifter isn't new either. Ditto was the original Pokémon who could do that. Despite that though, the supporting characters feel a bit more natural as opposed to the last bunch. There not some extraordinary group of individuals with hidden powers. They're literally just regular people. What's also gratifying to see is the acknowledgment of previous Pokémon that have appeared throughout the series run that take on the role of supporting characters too. Also don't forget that Pikachu and Piplup have come a long way in partnership chemistry.

Acting from the recurring voice cast and other members were fine. As usual the team rocket characters continue to run parallel to the events that take place. Even for Zorua who is not the most necessary of characters is voiced well by Eileen Stevens for her first time joining the franchise. Erica Schroeder who first played a role in Pokémon Lucario and the Mystery of Mew is fine as the assistant to the main antagonist. Wayne Grayson as Karl does well. For those familiar with his voice, fans may recognize some of his lines and how he reads them. The same could be said for Sean Schemmel who everyone recognizes as the voice of Goku in dragonball z. It's not always apparent, but when Kodai yells or makes certain statements, fans can pick up on that it's him.

When looking at the presentation of the feature the animation is now fairly consistent from the last couple of films before it. The cinematography was again handled by Takaya Mizutani, as expected and the reason for it still isn't there, which was also expected. Not like that's it though when it comes to expectations. Reason being that Shinji Miyazaki composes the film score to this entry. Didn't see that coming. What wasn't seen coming was that for this entry, Miyazaki's contribution is weirdly underwhelming here. Miyazaki really hasn't had any times that didn't work, but it can always happen. While the music isn't bad, it's just not memorable. The score does have different vocals in certain scenes but somehow doesn't overcome the blandness. Oh well, can't win them all.

Surprisingly music wasn't as impactful as previous entries. Also the addition of another telepathic Pokémon feels very repetitive in nature with the series of films before it. The animation and voice acting is good though. It also helps that the story is independent from the last three films and changes up some of the more typical aspects of the shown prior.

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