Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 5.9/10 10 2846 2.8K

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Plot summary

On their way through the Battle Frontier, Ash and friends meet up with a Pokémon Ranger who's mission is to deliever the egg of Manaphy to a temple on the ocean's floor. However, a greedy pirate wants the power of Manaphy to himself.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Silver-xo 5 / 10

Very nice graphics but the movie is not up to par with the others.

I have two younger siblings (aged 5 and 8) who LOVE Pokémon. They watch the TV show every day without fail, have stuffed animals, the video games, pictures on their walls, and they can tell you about almost every Pokémon there is.

Being 20, I seen Pokémon as a child and liked it as well, so I thought I'd go and rent some of the older movies to show them the originals. Well, getting there I realized there were 12 and decided to get them all. We watched them out of order but it didn't really matter. Over the course of a weekend, the 4th movie we seen was Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. My 5 year old brother wanted to see this and was excited about the ranger and the pirates.

The beginning of the movie made it seem like we were in for a good one but after about a half hour the whole thing got old. I thought it was just me being older and not wanting to see it but it didn't keep the kids' interest and they told me this one was boring. We ended up finishing the movie but the last 20 minutes were filled with 'is the movie done yet?" These kids LOVED the other ones we've seen and the only ones we haven't are the next 2 after this. They still beg to see more Pokémon movies which I plan on showing them the final 2 today, but this one was by far their LEAST favourite. It just kept on going! It's a bit longer than the rest of the movies and I think if they cut the story down to the length the rest of the movies are, maybe it would have been paced well enough to keep their interest. It would get interesting and then not, the characters introduced were annoying, and the Pokémon they find cries throughout the first hour which even got annoying for my baby loving 8-year-old sister (she told me it needed to stop crying).

Ultimately, the graphics are VERY good compared to the previous movies, but the characters tended to get annoying and this made it least enjoyable for me and the two little ones.

Reviewed by seanspann 10 / 10

Another satisfying and enjoyable Pokemon Adventure!

The Pokemon movies stopped appearing in American cinemas with the sixth feature (now released direct-to-DVD), but are among the top grossing movies in Japan to this day, where the tenth is currently set to release in the land of the rising sun this summer. This is the ninth, and the first to be dubbed by the new voice cast that took over for the ninth season, Battle Frontier. The previous two Pokemon films were just about perfect—fun and enjoyable fantasy plots, wonderful and creative animation, excellent voice acting, sprinkles of great humor, a little bit of drama, great music, and totally enjoyable endings. The ninth feature has all of that for certain. The new cast, led by Sarah Natchonneny, does a great job in this feature. May gets a spotlight in this one as well, to great effect, as she has always been one of my favorite Advanced Generation (6th to 9th seasons) characters. Team Rocket has one of the best lines in the movie in a wonderful fourth-wall breaking moment, and Ash has some really cool heroic moments towards the end. The ending song isn't quite as good as the one in 7 or 8, but is still pretty good. Sometimes you just want a movie where the good guys are good guys; the bad guys are bad, and watching it is just fun. This movie, like its predecessors, left me feeling content and satisfied, something that many movies focused on avoiding the happy ending just can't do.

Reviewed by intomyworld44 10 / 10

Awww, the cutest Pokemon movie i've ever watched

This movie is so cute and i recommend it to the Pokémon advanced fans who wrote positive reviews about the series. Manaphy is, without a doubt, the cutest Pokémon i've ever loved and managed to get my hands on. May plays a vital role in this movie, because she has gotten along with Manaphy. the voice actors did a good job voicing the actors, but pretty decent than the 4kids voice actors were considered better than the voice actors after the pasta la vista episode. but what's great about this movie? Manaphy and it's cutest voice. the water effects were decent, so it's not that bad after all. Manaphy should definitely make more appearances, like every other episodes in a hypothesis spin off other than Pokémon chronicles. as i mentioned, May is my favorite Pokémon character along with Mira, Molly Hale, leader Whitney, leader Jasmine, leader Roxanne, leader Flannery, leader Winona, leader Maylene, leader Candice, leader Elesa, and leader Skyla, and a good possibility of Iris with a dragon-type Unova Pokémon with her. Pokemon of Japan, you've made my Pokemon memories so light-hearted.

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