Moving On



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 75% · 79 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.9/10 10 1738 1.7K

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Plot summary

Two old friends reconnect at their friend's funeral, and decide to exact revenge on the widower who wronged all three of them decades earlier.

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Top cast

Jane Fonda as Claire
Lauren Tom as Ava
Lily Tomlin as Evelyn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cynthia-48155 10 / 10

You Either Get It Or You Don't

This is a movie for those of us who get it. Very entertaining (always with Fonda and Tomlin) and very satisfying. But for those many women who've been where Fonda's character is, the movie is empowering and gratifying. Gratifying in the way that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was. Sometimes emotional catharsis isn't literal! In addition to the main plot, there is a lot of nuance to how we elders come to terms with our lives, contrasted beautifully with the very different life stages of the younger characters, both adult and children. I hope Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin make more films together--we need these wise women!

Reviewed by Boristhemoggy 6 / 10

The reason ageing actors should still be cast

Hollywood excels at putting beautiful young people on our screens, even if it means matching a young woman with a very older man as a love interest. It's long annoyed me but Hollywood don't listen to reviews.

This film is a delightful tale of 4 older people who all share a common history, and 2 of the surviving ones want to correct some of that history. The lengths they go to is absurd but very funny.

I always think of Lily Tomlin as a female Woody Allen and she never changes, she is always good. Jane Fonda remains beautiful and just as engaging on screen as she ever was. Malcom McDowell despite his age now still exudes the violent and threatening demeanour he displayed all those years ago in Clockwork Orange.

Not the best film of the year but a thoroughly enjoyable one, and a brilliant reminded that ageing actors can still give great performances.

Reviewed by nicolasroop 6 / 10

Alternate universe episode of Grace & Frankie

It was a decent film. Almost like if Grace & Frankie had made a film themselves. It's not that great or groundbreaking on the drama side of things, but the comedy aspect of this dramedy is the silverlining of the film. Lily Tomlin shines and is easily the best part of the entire thing. Jane Fonda is servicable but, again, nothing groundbreaking or exciting from her. I liked the inclusion of Malcolm McDowell, he can be a welcome surprise sometimes and that is how I felt about him in this. The film did have some strange plotlines that felt out of place for the film and made the film drag in places. That's even with it's short 85 minute runtime, which still felt a bit long for this particular story. It was almost like the writers wrote this as an episode of a tv series and decided to expand it in a way that feels unnecessary. Overall, if you're a fan of the pair, you will at least find a bit of enjoyment. Fonda and Tomlin have a certain chemistry with each other and know how to play off each other very well.

3 murder attempts out of 5.

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