Class of '85



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Plot summary

A nostalgic film about the unorthodox teacher we all wish we had, the girl we all fell for, and the friend we didn't expect to make.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrewkaplan1975 3 / 10

Worse than campy- Poor Acting throughout

First of all, somehow they had an odd soundtrack in a few parts of the film that sounded too much like the "The Neverending Story", which is suitable since it seemed like this movie would never end. It jumps around a bit, the story lines are vague, boring and inconclusive. The vast majority of the film is shot in the one classroom; you never see any other students or other parts of the school, and the acting is ridiculously bad, like what you might expect from a low budget Canadian tv drama in 1980.

I was hoping for some 80s nostalgia, but they barely even touched on the time period, if at all. And the ending is even more disappointing than the rest of the movie. It's a wonder they even made this film at all.

I rarely even write a review, but just wanted to warn you before you waste 90 minutes of your life. Watch if you have watched every other thing ever made, and this is the only thing left, or just twiddle your thumbs for an hour and a half, which is probably a better use of your time.

Oh, I just learned that this film was actually released under a different name, "Another Brick in the Wall" (2016)... So maybe they re-released it as "Class of '85" in 2022 to try and make up for losses on the film or something.

Reviewed by ops-52535 5 / 10

some chopped up...

Deep diving dynamics of plotlines flung around in the bushes, a film made more on a wish to make a retrofitted version off how life couldve been if i had the right tutors and teachers to rectify my worse than bad destiny. Its a philosophical break from 2023 made highschool movies, where the main message must be to all the dorky and boring pedagogicly drawn teachers around the world, grab your tail and do something unprecedented for once!!!

Well its not a fun film, its not filled with pranks, nor overly romanced, but the acts of the teacher is nice, i did have a few like that myself decades ago, rasmussen and grønås, that shaped my life in a positive manner. Therefore just a small recommend from the grumpy old man.

Reviewed by / 10

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