A Somewhat Gentle Man


Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 83% · 29 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 71% · 2.5K ratings
IMDb Rating 6.9/10 10 7319 7.3K

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Plot summary

After serving a 12-year sentence for killing the man that slept with his wife, a man ponders whether he should try and reconcile with his family, or take revenge on those who turned him in.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by melquiadesestrada 9 / 10

a different kind of movie

This is definitely a different kind of movie. At first I couldn't quite swallow it. Like one of those wired Frennch delicacies that taste so unexpectedly you can't decide whether to chew on or drop them out of your mouth. Yet, if you resist a bit further for your mouth and brain to accommodate, you find that the experience was one so rich and subtle it lingers on your senses for days.

There's not the least bit of glamor or pretence in this movie. The plot seem to develop rather too slowly, the dialogues do not have the sparkle which tingles the intellect and makes you feel smarter, the people are not handsome but slightly old, worn out, ordinary people and the sex scenes are stripped of magic, eroticism and, well, desire. Nevertheless, behind it all there's this gentleness, humour and a kind of sadness almost heartbreaking. Each character has a history of abandonment, abuse, absence of love behind them, which sort of handicaps the way they connect to other people, makes their words and gestures rather abrupt, apparently lacking emotion. And there's this "gentle man", a former cold blooded murderer, who can see their despondency and incidentally tries to give them a bit of what they need. In doing so, he attempts to shut a door on his bleak past. And it's not because he wants to be a new better man, but because he can no longer be the man that he was. He simply needs to be the father and the lover he was refused for many years, he needs to have an ordinary life. "Spring is coming", his reply at the end of the movie, and the small contemplative smile it's a welcome addressed to a life of better choices and the relief after just killing the last "shadow" of his past. Now I can tell no more without spoiling the movie, but I highly recommend it. Also, I recommend that you be patient. Even if you can't enjoy it from the very first, see it through. It will worth your while. I give this movie a 9 out of 10.

Reviewed by BeneCumb 7 / 10

With slow start, but eventually a decent comedy with tragic background

I consider myself a fan of Scandinavian crime thrillers, but those were shot primarily in Sweden or Denmark; I have not seen too many Norwegian films (however, the one before this, Hodejegerne, I enjoyed a lot), and I was prepared for slow pace and long frames without text, but still - I found the first half an hour or so too protracted. Thereafter, I probably got used to it and enjoyed this odd and hectic running of events, giftedly performed by catchy character actors - Stellan Skarsgård as Ulrik, above all (he should have been got more awards for this role), as well as all actresses regardless their duration on screen. I had no fits of laughter, but I giggled a lot and shared the feelings of peculiar sorts of people with different age and background. The scenes preceding the very ending could have been with more twists, but nevertheless, this film is recommended to admirers of films where all characters have issues.

Reviewed by OJT 8 / 10

Complications with women, kids, cars and a violent past

A Kaurismäki-style dark comedy about a man coming out of prison after a 12 year sentence. Stellan Skarsgårds character gets lots of complications, even though most are willing to give the convicted man a lot a chances to begin a new life, with warnings to not ever looking behind at the past.

That is of course impossible, starting over in his old environment of a run down Oslo suburb. Everyone gives him a chance, even the old acquainted mafia-boss, which wants him to kill again. Women of all kinds still finds him attractive, and his old debt to the local mafia-boss makes life more complicated than it should be. Is he ready to kill again?

Hans Petter Moland got lots of praise at Berlin Filmfestival with this worn down comedy. Especially the "sex for food"-scenes with his landlady, being the jealous sister of the mafia-boss, was making a buzz.

The film functions as a nice story, and is good entertainment, but seems to lack a little in the manuscript to make it a classic. The casting is perfect, though, and this film could really have been an instant classic. Still there's scenes that is quite memorable, and there's hope even in a quite hopeless situation. Moland still gives his audience films we remember!

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