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Action / Horror

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Plot summary

When a African-American couple move into their new home, their 2 year-old daughter becomes a terrifying messenger from the other side

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Vernon Davis as Leonard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by voxiburchenau 3 / 10

Trigger Warning: Child Sex Abuse Scenes

No trigger warning for scenes of child/teen sex violence, and that same young (I'm sure of-age) actress later 'revenge-seducing' an older adult male. It was just gross. Also, very unnerved by the adorable toddler actress in a scene with the avenging ghost teen, Crystal, where she reveals to the wife that she ghost-seduced her husband, then picks up the baby to signify that she in fact ghost-conceived her, was.....skeevy. She looked too young and the scene, a sex act, was awkward.

As everyone else notes, the end was uninterpretable and stupid. The child-molesting and body-disposing grandfather, long a dementia-addled shell, happily strolls up to the haunted house of child rape, murder and possession, like a poor man's Cab Calloway and smiles like an old pedophile. What...the hell?! Either he was possessed by the girl or someone else.

All of the adults are reprehensible people. The women are, of course, demonic. The grandmother protects a dead-beat child raping husband by casually slaughtering the hopeless victim over breakfast and telling her shocked, child molesting husband to get rid of the body. How a woman could make a ruthless, evil, sack of garbage like him seem less revolting is the writing acrobatics of a woman-hating man. Happily, she rises from the dead and violently murders the woman who was busy making dinner for 'her man' like nothing happened.

The main characters, a wife, husband and toddler are haunted by the same spirit because it was his grandparents who tortured and murdered her. He knew her when they were kids though didn't know the reasons behind her sudden disappearance. Their daughter becomes possessed and the mother is first to correctly diagnose it but instead of running to protect her child she runs away, unravels, distances herself while the men attempt a solution.

The myth of the tail-between-the-legs, sorry, sad sack is in full force here. The wife, convinced the child she bore isn't hers, goads the husband into leaving her on the stoop of an abandoned church at night. Yes. Next they're happily cooking dinner planning some cliche strawberries and whipped cream middle class fantasy as if they hadn't survived a haunted house, their toddler being possessed, digging up the murdered body of a raped, pregnant child, the grandfather being arrested and possessed.....yep. The daughter reappears while these fools are readying for date night and the spirit possesses the mother. The next day they're reassuring the pastor as a happy family and creep grandpa rolls up. And that's all! Yes, it's terrible. The grandfather's nurse was a nut too. Some of the haunting scenes are good, the young actors are also good. Avoid this movie.

Reviewed by hayley-56662 1 / 10


I have just made an account to post this review.... I've never written a review of a movie before. I will save you the time and tell you don't even bother. The director should concentrate on a different career choice, cause this just ain't it! Well I can't believe that this was allowed to be made. Nothing good about this film, a hour of my life I won't ever get back. Poor editing, you could even see cast crew in one of the scenes. I'm utterly speechless to this. Story line could have been executed so much better. Just speechless!!!!!! Acting was terrible I've seen high schoolers do better than this! Come on man, you all should be ashamed.

Reviewed by beanikins 4 / 10

A fair attempt

As a scary movie lover, I can appreciate some of the attempts made at scary moments- I even jumped once and backed it up for a family member who also got a 2 second fright. But overall we laughed alot making commentary while watching and the wife characters is such a B1tch , I wondered if this was written by a man- low and behold it was. The wife is a constant complainer. Ungrateful attitude with zero compassion for her spouse. Her nasty attitude was really irritating and difficult to continue to watch.

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